Chronic disease is not at all a crime. It may attack anybody at any time. It has no difference between rich and the poor. We can see thousands of people affected by chronic diseases suffering due to the lack of medicine, food, shelter etc. Santhwanam Cultural and Charitable Trust, Krishnapuram is a feather touch of love and affection to these kind of brothern, especially of downtrodden category. For the last five years Santhwanam is an esteemed presence through the charitable activities at Kaymkulam and adjacent areas.

June 2014

Inauguration Of Santhwanasparsham 2014

Santhwanasparsham 2014 inaugurated by Revenue Minister Sri Adoor Prakash, on 18th May 2014'...

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February 2014

Santhwanam getting "Best social service organisation award"

At Muscat Hotel,Trivandrum,Santhwanam was awarded with Best social service organisation...

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Palliative care is a total care of patients and their families. The integrated effort of multiprofessional team incorporating physical, psychological, spiritual and social components of care starting from the “Day one of the Diagonise” help, the patients to live as fully and comfortably as possible.


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Cancer, kidney trouble have become a common phenomena of our locality in recent times. Downtrodden people affected by cancer and other chronic ...

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Along with the palliative care activities, we are giving medical aid to people severaly affected by chronic diseases, and ill bedded by accidents etc...

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Santhwanam is active in performing all the national days alongwith other cultural activities Nov.14th every year we are conducting various activities among ...

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We have tried to encourage local farmers by planting the 15 acre Panayannarcavu Paddy field with the help of a chinese made sowing machine which...

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