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Santhwanam cultural and charitable Trust is a Non Governmental Organization, Registered under societies Act 1955 vide Reg.No.:A.301/07 on 22/08/2007. Our main activity is providing as much as palliative care to downtrodden brothern affected by cancer, kidneytrouble and such other chronic diseases. Cancer has become a common phenomena of our locality recent time. People affected by such diseases need immediate attention for their medicinal, food, requirements. We try our level best for providing them with medicines, food materials, clothes etc with the help of a nurse by arranging weekly visits to their homes. We provide Ambulance service for bringing eligible patients to major hospitals, shifting orphaned brothern to necessary shelters.

One of our main activities during the past 3 years was providing a better residence to a bedridden young chap of 24 years. Mr.Sajeev, S/o Krishnan, Dwaraka, Pullikkanakku, Krishnapuram is bedridden by birth and cannot perform primary needs by some body’s help, was lying in a hut like cattle shed. We could provide him a better residence with the help of some generous personalities.

Santhwanam undertakes to provide educational assistance to three children of cancer affected parents.

Another activity of our organization is supplying of food material kit monthly to downtrodden brothern affected by chronic diseases. We have arranged four cancer detection camp with the help of R.C.C. Trivandrum and other major hospitals.

Fortnightly medical camps were arranged in order to give attention to people affected by chronic diseases. We are supplying wheel chairs, hearing aids and other helping equipments to handicapped patients.

Palliative care is a total care of patients and their families. The integrated effort of multi professional team incorporating...