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What is palliative care
Palliative care is a total care of patients and their families. The integrated effort of multiprofessional team incorporating physical, psychological, spiritual and social components of care starting from the “Day one of the Diagonise” help, the patients to live as fully and comfortably as possible. It affirms life and regards dying as a normal process and offers a support system to help families also to co-operate during the patients illness.

Cancer, kidney trouble have become a common phenomena of our locality in recent times. Downtrodden people affected by cancer and other chronic diseases suffer most painful situation in life. They are isolated from the family members during the last stages. They are in urgently need of love and affection along with medicine food material, clothes etc. We are trying our level best to provide them with home care with the help of a nurse and volunteers.

Narayaniamma, a cancer affected old mother deserted by close relatives led life in a plastic shed, was a very pitiful scence. Syamala, Balakrishnan, Viswanathan, Nabeesa, Subairkunju, Chandrikamma, Subhadra, Sathi who were suffering from the painful moments of cancer etc along with Chellappan of Puthuppally and Ramayyan who were thrown out to street by their kith and kins are some of the receipients of love and palliative care of Santhwanam. Now we are planning to provide downtrodden people affected by chronic diseases as much as love and care at our newely forming centre, Santhwanatheeram. There we aim to give palliative care with the help of a doctor and nursing staff. We appeal one and all generous people to support our new mission.

Palliative care is a total care of patients and their families. The integrated effort of multi professional team incorporating...